no room left at the inn, the inn being my bedroom, specifically my closet(s)

i am not shopping. like, at all.
did you hear me? NOT. SHOPPING.
i swear.
if i WAS shopping, like, just for like, a MINUTE...
i would buy these things:

canvas mini anorak / laced cotton day blouse
from built by wendy.

but only if i was shopping.
which i'm not.
like..at all.

i swear.


Pascal Grob said...

why aren't you shopping? too bad for that lovelylovely anorak :D

Unknown said...

Oh man this was supposed to be my mantra for 2009. OOPS.

InnyVinny said...

yeah, why aren't you shopping???

kelse said...

meh, just get em.

"think of it as an ivestment"

i dont know, i feel people say that a lot when they're doing things they aren't supposed to.

stay strong..?


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

good luck boo.
i will do my best to discourage you from your addiction. as we can only hope for one day at a time..

it will all be worth it at a later date when fanciful flippant dream travels ensue..there will be ample bounty to blunder elsewhere, always.
(weed+ambien making me lean to a little kerouac slant)

i need to save for spain-you're coming-yo'momma said!!

also, i'll be in portland oregon in august. fyi.

lets do it all and go thrifting to fill the void.

Anonymous said...

You just need to go to ikea and get some closet organizing wonder-tools.

White Lightning said...

not shopping because i have BIG PLANS FOR SUMMER OH NINE!!!

fingers crossed

hard liquor; soft holes said...

ok, i am taking the opposite tack as besos and telling you right now. EASTER SUNDAY: END OF LENT, END OF SHOPPING RESTRICTIONS. will be hitting up, while everyone else is eating easter roast, jeffrey, barney's, opening ceremony, possibly RO? century 21, E'ERYWHERE and going CRAZY ON ALL Y'ALL.

you're in, right?

Anonymous said...

i wasn't shopping either... at least i told myself that until i too, came across the BBWendy anorak jacket. it looks way cuter on that model. the coat itself, in person, not so much.just stuck it back in the mail to return to them yesterday! i was pissy, because it had all of the components of a jacket like this hat i wanted... ample pockets, hood, roll up sleeves, etc. but the shoulder were not cute once the hood was down. i still love wendy though!

etoilee8 said...

I'm not shopping either. . . I just wrote that in an email to my best friend (who lives far away). I don't know how long I can last (and thrift is completely fair game), but I hope I can manage to be good for a while. I think there's safely in solidarity. Be strong!

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