pump up the jamz

what is the sound of a GAUNTLET being THROWN DOWN? hmmm???

ok, i don't know either BUT if it has a noise, you probs heard it yesterday.
i, dear readers, have been served with an epic challenge, one that i am NOT AFRAID OF.

last night derrick & i decided to make each other dueling mixtapes.
but none of this bullshit burned playlist CD..on a real CASSETTE.
no computer anything allowed, and anything goes as long is it's audio.
also all labeling has to be hand done.
he will probably beat me, since he's older and maybe cooler. but NONETHELESS... i accept the challenge.

i used to be a mixtape champ. sigh.
remember when you'd have to tape the tape together cause you listened to it to many times it broke? or your walkman ate it?
dannnnng it

i was all nostalgic and got superobsessed with the old cassette graphics...i posted a whole bucnh a shizz over on my tumblr..check it!!


sd said...

haha i got a mixtape for my birthday from a friend
and i didn't listen to it for about a month
b/c i didn't have a cassette player....lol
but when i finally heard it
i loved it :]

laia. said...

Man, i used to do these all the time. I would write down all the songs and how long they lasted so that they wouldnt get cut off at the end.It took forever!
Such good times..

FutureLint said...

haha! Nice! My friends and I had an Awful Mix Tape contest, where you had to put the worst possible songs with absolutely no redeeming qualities on it. We all then judged them without knowing whose was whose. The person whose tape lost (aka, was not the worst) had to carry a boom box blasting the winner (aka the worst mix tape) around the city until the whole thing played. Soooo hilarious!

InnyVinny said...

I used to sell mixtapes...but now I'm an emcee...I got the rhymes and beats.



Isabel said...

Mixtapes are so thoughtful and whatnot. I wish I could say I've gotten one as a gift, but alas! CDs have always been the way.

Pudgie said...

Rip a sesh. And use a Maxell XL II. Shit is the Dolorean of tapez.

Rachel said...

Man, mixtapes are the shit. I had a couple friends that used to make them for me. So good. I've gotten back into them recently and am loving it.

Allison said...

You know about this site right:


They nnneeevveerrrr update but it was an awesome idea anyway and what's up there is a good way to spend an afternoon at least.

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