rough gem

on saturday i finally made it out to this "fort greene" to check out the flea market that they got goin on over therrrrr.
what a scene, dios mio.
there were like 9 bajillion people.
but it was actually pretty fun.

met up with a posse and perused all the wares.
this lunatic was still around new york, spreading all her SPAIN around:

ece rocking the spanish trend of DOUBLE INTRIGUE

i told myself i would only buy the MOST NECESSARY THING of all time.
for a minute i thought it was this:

i mean, it was SO GOLD.
there was an underdress of sparkly gold and then this CAGE-Y OVERLAY of more sparkly gold..all for 20 bones.

but then i saw these?

and they were so cray-cray? that i couldn't say no?
don't worry, i asked 900 people's opinions before i actually did it, still unclear as to who i think i am but TOO LATE, DONE AND DONE. (oooooooooooopsydoops)

there was much discussion as to WHAT exactly you wear these with.
some ideas:
white leather skirt
neon leggings
american flags
king haile selasse tee-shirt dress
a tuxedo
a prom dress
your mom

...in the end i went with the black and white checkz f21 dress that is a surprising new fave.

i like them a lot.


Leah said...

i absolutely love these, it's almost like maybe they had you in mind when they made them? maybe. my word varification is "charp" and it feels awkward.

hard liquor; soft holes said...


we HAVE to find you a tv pattern shift dress. a la this sweater: http://ciacanada.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/tv_sweatter2_by_specialsally.jpg

but brighter and with more black. AND THEN WEAR THEM WITH THOSE SHOES.

Cassiopeia said...

absolutely love them. i've been thinking about getting some white shoes and painting them. or black ones and sticking strips of primary coloured fabric on them with copydex hehe.


Shay said...

those are super cute, dude. Where em with anything...

Amanda said...

those are so awesome!! were they vintage or were they part of a new line? so jealz.

corrie said...

Only the flea market could create something as confusing and amazing as those shoes. I feel like people used to wear them in "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper".

the StReeT chanteuse said...

those are ill.(thats a compliment) like as in "gurl them shoes is SICK" oh, yeah.

edgecakez said...

un poco de cosby sweater plus fly girl plus do the right thing. you always just KNOW, bo. muy sensual seduction! xo, doble intrigue

Emilie said...

How funny.... I had that same dress in my shop (in Tucson, AZ) back in December. A friend of mine bought it to wear on New Year's eve. A-freakin-dorable.

What about this dress...

InnyVinny said...

I think you made the right choice...on both accounts.

Then again, wearing those with a mom would be epic.

Sarah said...



April said...

ummm best shoes ever and lately i have been wanting an INFINITE supply of shoes like that: oxfords, keds, other granny shoes with laces.

andrea said...

Yes yes yes. You made the right choice!

hotdog water said...

"from my somali pirate line of casual oxfords"

hahha the best!

Wardrobe Chick said...

So how much you cop the shoes for?

Def a must have for the warm spring/summer days when the toes aren't done up.

Erlinda Denise

Isabel said...

Those shoes are so cool! I want them, oh me!

noirohio vintage said...

hell yeah.
those shoes are killer lady!!
great find...

Bonnie Maygarden said...

brooklyn fles is the shizzyyy

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