friday morning on 2nd street
(so bleak, torn off bell jar cover! why is this hilarious?)

saturday night in brooklyn.

twas opening day for new yawk summer season yesterday.
one of those days that starts one way and ends in a way you neverrrr saw coming.
i left my house at 11 AM and didn't return until almost 4 AM..and sort of had way too much fun the whole time. thank goodness, i was due.

my day in beverages:
iced coffee, bloody mary, iced coffee, margarita margarita margarita x none of your beeswax, corona, corona, water, water water, help me, wow.

downloading pics from thriftspedition with brendan and steve today, post on it's way.

i think i had the best weekend of 09 so far, how was yours?

to the lovely young gent who recognized me at tbd in brooklyn from this here internets presence, thank you and you were nice and i feel embarrassed because i was definitely drunk and just semi-shocked to get SPOTTED...


emily said...

ubu i love your oxfords :3 they're my favourite kind of shoes

Enid Bean said...

I looove your red shoes in the first pic.

ps. What kind of dog do you have? Your twitpic of him was soooo cute. I love that you take him to the thrift store with you :)

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Ok, so my weekend wasn't nearly as fun as this, but I was able to secure supplies for a project I'm working on.

*tents fingers*

white lightning said...


thanks gals!

enid, i am not being forthright..remmy the pup is my goddog, but he belongs to my bro brendan..he is a rescued mix of shepard and other thangs! isn't he the best

alicia...verrryyyy curiousss

moesha said...

haha stillwater.... i wish that was a real band

Skerns said...

Ha! That was me that gave you the stalker treatment at TBD. You were also very lovely in person. And you hid your intoxication like a pro.

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