what i do when i'm supposed to be doing other things

my most recent foray into irritating my pals the fashion department..i tried on the following 2 items in the past week or so:

1. black walter van bierendonck crazyface tee (which was basically an epic teeshirt dress, and sort of DIY-able?). i want. so bad!
omg graham is so right, it's totally MIGHTY BOOSH fashion! amaze.

2. miu miu pre-fall black velvet and superchunk wooden platform heels with ankle strap. so so cute. so so HEAVY. not really something i could see myself actually walking anywhere in? but adorbz fer sure.

also super awesome but too teeny to try: vena cava for via spiga (!) moire satin (ish?) black oxfords with studs on the back. i think you want them.


Amanda said...

YES that walter top is ridiculously amazin

A Lot of People Found Charlotte Church's Inverted Appearance Disgusting said...

yeah 1 = "mighty boosh chic"

caro. said...

that walter shirt IS incredible, but it is definitely DIY-able. from what I can tell from the photo, the construction looks to be similar to some stuff I sewed for one of our school plays( I was chief of the costume department). I'm studying in Germany until late June, but if you haven't found anyone to make it for you (or gotten your hands on an original!) by then, I'd love to make you a early/late birthday present! not that I'm obsessed with you or anything . . . ahem. hahaha. just kidding!

anyways, just send me an email (losangelesvintage@gmail.com) if you ever want me to make you one. it is absolutely something i could do.

Nice and Shiny said...

Crazy face tee = pure love. You got to try that on?! C'mon, too much fun, and perhaps it gives a slight nod to the mighty boosh monkey skull... I'll go for it.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

does walter van b have any NY retailers? i kind of think not. ugh, want to make an impractical purchase soon.

white lightning said...

i would do ANYTHING to take you up on that offer.
you are amazing.

consider yourself commissioned!!!!


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