who knew this song was so creepy

if you were planning on consuming acid/mushrooms/magik brownies today, i would hold off until after you've watched the video posted below.

at first it's a little slow and "ooooookayyyy"-ish..and i thought, do i only like this because wayne coyne is so foxy?

then it goes kinda craycray (around 2:30), and i got serrrrriously into it.

dig it!


corrie said...

It made me lose my miiiiiind.

Also I jumped a little at 2:30.

gynnephur said...

the only good thing about living in oklahoma is the flaming lips.

i'll be a little sad to leave them behind when i move. but mostly i'll be really glad to leave fucking oklahoma. sorry wayne!

piña said...

my mind is blown!

edgecakes said...

so so good!

...the who cares girl... said...

I'm diggin it.


i heard this on the radio the other night.

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

holy smokes. i think i need a fresh pair of panties. that was an amazing cover, and wow, i just love them. if you haven't seen 'the fearless freaks' doc, you gotta. also, i always love sharing that several years ago when i saw them, someone had a seizure in the middle of the show (not me.) my friend has also gotten to dance on stage with them in a pig costume. such good times.

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