i have made an egregious error and THAT is in not including this picture in the met round up.
FORGIVE ME! i have sinned.

what in the name of KANYEEZY is happening here, riri?

whaaaat. what.

i need info. like, stat.
who made this?
what happened to her soul glo curls?
was the glove necessary?
does she keep her wallet in the shoulder?
i sort think this is what the waiters at the met ball should look like, actually.
one last thing:
can i borrow the jacket just once?


geri hirsch said...

im pretty sure it's dolce and it is one of my favs of the night. i wish i was wearing this to the wedding im going to this weekend!

Ian Brown said...

It's Dolce.

Anonymous said...

Yes how could you have fogotten that. It's Dolce which is just...wow.

I do feel this should have been the attire for the waiters though that would have been boss.

InnyVinny said...

I'll bet Kenley from PR saw this and was like "OOOhhhhh, that's what Michael Kors meant..." LOL

And ITA with voni

Isabel said...

She looks like Karl Lagerfeld.

Unicorn Alliance said...

she looks stunning and..
I'm borrowing the jacket first :D


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i was wondering how she hadn't made it in..

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