c'est si bon

i am convinced that packing was invented by satan to punish those of us who subscribe to a MAXIMALIST lifestyle. good grief, make it end.

tales of a publications addict:

lots of issues of oui, some more copies of the face, premiere issue of sassy

still so dope. i miss you fabien, i MISS YOU.

i have most of the playboys from the 60s & 70s. best covers ever.
they are so genius and campy and beautiful.

still the best issue of purple ever: f/w 2006. vincent gallo in women's balenciaga (one of the BEST balenciaga collections ever, too)

i mean:

okay...back to the tape gun !


chris petres said...

ah! sell them too!

...the who cares girl... said...

Oh God. I would hoard those maggies too. SASSY!!! I MISS SASSY!!!

andrea said...

OH MY GODDD those magazines!!!!

Isabel said...

Oh my God, Sassy Magazine. I would honestly do ANYTHING to get my hands on those. E-mail me and perhaps we can arrange a price. Will pay in blood or Paypal. eloquentseriatim(at)hotmail(dot)com

Arabelle said...

jesus, SASSY? nigz thats like, practically older than tavi. ridiculous. i love it.

Anonymous said...

UGH the stuff of magazine addict's (aka my) dreams. girl, that's a solid collection, i hope you're holding on to it! or yanno, you could always just give them away to your fabulous and devoted readers, that works too...

laura said...

God I'm the same.
I just keep buying paper.
I fear the day I will have to move..

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