don't even bang unless you plan to hit something

this apartment rules when it's totally empty. should i feel more sad about leaving it?

shit i do when i'm alone. nerd.

yeah i'm wearing a mood ring..jealous?!

i did a bad thing.
and i am a terrible liar.
so if you ask me where i got these see by chloe dopeass dries-y sneaker wedges, i will say I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT..and run away.

found this shirt in the purge. i used to wear it a lot in 2003. umm...yeah. i have too many things.
shop yr closet!! (says the thrift addict)

madonna's performance of vogue on the 1990 mtv music awards..SO AMAZING!

was running movies on mute all day yesterday during the sale (tenenbaums & lebowski, obvs) and then steve was like, WHY ARE YOU SELLING THIS IMMACULATE COLLECTION DVD?
and we watched it.
and the videos are so sick.
and it may have been the fault of the wine and the veuve clicquot and the rosé but..madonna seems cool to me again?

i have to give a billion thanks to steve & kat & adf & tbonz for hanging with me all day long ad keeping it hilarz up in 240.

ps, blast this song today! ONE NINE NINE NINE


Lauren said...

i love tht yellow top!


you look hott! and i aint asking bout the wedges. i know betta
hope you're subletting

hard liquor; soft holes said...

so much vogue, so much now!

Katie said...

i just love the necklace and skirt. its just perfect

Shay said...

you always make me laugh like crazy. Thanks, sweetie!

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