every cutie wit a booty bought a coogi

would you like a chance to see how lunacy lives?

why don't you mosey on over to lemondrop where i am their "closet fever" gal of the week?
you can see pictures of my shelves/closet/shoe piles/jangle insanity/god help us/what's wrong with me/good grief.

maybe you click here and go like..right now?

ps..thanks so much, julie for the nicest write-up of all time...!


ah oh ohs said...

i love.


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i can't believe you're gonna get outta here before i ever came over.
dios mio, indeed.

great write up+i'm glad i finally got to see your closet!

also, i'm glad we're next to each other in the line up on lemon drop..

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