everybody else is overwhelmed by indifference

dreaming about peggy moffit today, no big deal

i would wear that bathing suit.
i really would.
ps, rudy gernreich (designer of said bathing suit) also designed the "pubikini"...which showcases exactly what you think.
sorta next level for the pre-waxing era.
juuuuussst a lil peek inside my head.


laia. said...


Isabela said...

peggy moffit haha the girl i wanted to be when i turned 13

microtard said...

If I wore that bathing suit, it would be PURE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Might as well extend my neck about 13"...

MEAGHAN!? said...


Nice and Shiny said...

Ahhh, so the "monokini" is this topless bikini basically? That photo has me sold, anything else would just look like trash

thanks for sharing, these pictures are seeeeriously gorg. Look at the pattern mayheim in the last one!! How does one not love that?


Rachel said...

LOVE her. oh and i want harlequin tights now.

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