the future always looks good in the golden land

summer summer summer vacation is coming (more on that laters) but i will be west coastin' it for a bit and i am starting to get really amped.

a certain lunatic who gives me headaches/808s/heartbreaks/etc. read me a bunch of essays by joan didion recently and i keep thinking about them. so i'm reading and rereading slouching toward bethlehem and still thinking the 60s were really my era.

books, guys.
if you're not familiar, it's sorta like a paper blog?

i think she may be the coolest crazy lady around these days.
get on it, feed your brain for a second.

someone buy me this first edition of Joanie D's The White Album..this cover is the dopenesssss


Isabel said...

Why do I not know who she is? Just read the wikipedia page on her and she seems like a cool cat.

erin said...

weird, I'm on a serious Joan Didion kick right now too. get outta my head!! (jaykay, I love a good mind twin)

Emilie said...

Last summer I went to the L.A. area for the first time.... spent a month.... read Slouching Towards Bethlehem while there... finished it on the train home through the desert to Tucson.

LOVED IT!!! hooked.

Alice said...

mmm yes...books...how I do love those things.

jill said...

read "Play it as it Lays." More didion and so good.

Lauren Ashley said...

i live in Orange County but there is something magical about summer in so. cal. The light is PERFECT!

corrie said...

I wish she was my mother sometimes. The majority of her life seemed so rich and perfect. The fact that she's somehow still going just blows my mind. Live forever, Joan.

liz said...

the 60's were my decade too, fer shur. I spent all weekend reading "Hippie".

Vi said...

I am all over Didion as well. She's an o.g., in The White Album she talks about her packing list for her journalism trips, i dig it.

TO PACK:2 skirts, 2 jerseys or leotards, 1 pullover sweater, 2 pairs of shoes, stockings, bra, nightgown, robe, slippers, cigarettes, bourbon, bag with: shampoo, toothbrush and paste, basis soap, razor, deodorant, aspirin, prescriptions, tampax, face cream, powder, baby oil TO CARRY: mohair throw, typewriter, 2 legal pads and pens, files, house key.

For some reason I find this fascinating, and am determined to pack the same. Someday.

Anywho, feeling you on the Didion love.


Christy said...

Can't wait for WL in SF. It will be BANANANANANAS

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