hairspray & denim

can ANY of you deny her any longer?
i don't recommend it.
let gaga into your life, feel the sweet warm light of her SATURN SPACE HELMET surround you:

when someone asks:
what does one wear to perform on ELLEN?
obviously the answer is:
a denim patchwork melange of a jumpsuit, avec IMPORTANT SHOULDER, bien sur (this sentence includes all the french i know).

she is a multitasker; downward facing GA..WHILE piano playing!!

okay SJAGAGA*, if you are trying to trip me up by WEARING PANTS..i may have to say WELL PLAYED. i don't own any and i am not starting now.

GAGA 1, WL 0.


ps, my friend mark is interviewing her today, (in the cuckoobananies flesh!) and i fear my jealousy cannot be contained.

*Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?! good grief. "elizabeth nicole spiridakis" doesn't seem so insane all of a sudden, now does it.


niki said...

SHUT UP! I'm an Elizabeth Nicole too! But I go by Niki.

White Lightning said...

WHAT!!! is that even possible?! it's the weirdest combo!

Isabel said...

Thanks to you, I finally know Lady Gaga's real name. My life is now complete.

Young Damsel said...

obsessssed with gaga.
saw her live a couple weeks ago, and wow! she is beyond amazing!!


Leah said...

i agree with isabel. i feel so much better knowing her real name. ive committed it to memory so i can impress people with useless information (again). also, i can't ever decide which posts i look forward to more, gaga-related or gg-related. DECISIONSDECISIONS!!

Caitlin said...

did you see her on johnathan ross? what a knob-end!


Lydia Shahmoon said...

YOU, sir (chicka), crack me up.

all the time.


etoilee8 said...

The music isn't my forte but I do have a soft spot for her. She's so charming and funny!

Tavi said...

when i first read your last name many months ago it reminded me of a spider and i thought that was cool!

UGH, i'm so mad! we got tickets for ellen for the day AFTER gaga. such a disappointment. ciara taught us how to have sex in song and dance, which is nice if you're into hearing about that while sitting next to your dad.

WendyB said...

I'm in love with Gaga.

Anonymous said...

haha @ leah and isabel. Gaga is awesome.

Anonymous said...


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