he wants to hold them like they do in texas, please

if you were unclear as to why brendan the bdonns donnelly is one of my closest friends and favorite people then mabes you just need to check out this situation right here:

ohhhh man. i love the internets. i do.
videogum posted this video today and the comments are so so hilarious.
i like the debate/disbelief that the handsome dude in this vid (click) would willingly dress up like a bloodsucking criss angel enthusiast and dance alone in his room. (i would link to his "nosferatu does buffalo bill" video but youtube flagged it and removed it! haaha)

well..it's all true. handsome weirdo & criss angel's #1 fan are one and the same.
the best part is that if you KNOW brendan, this shit is just regs.


brendan donnelly said...


i'm his #2 fan (it's all an act, whoooops)

InnyVinny said...

this shit is SO hilarious.

For real.

Tavi said...

my life is so complete

edgecakez said...

this is so fucking funny, i can't stop watching it. that donnsferatu is a heartbreaker!

kyle said...

hahahaha - totes regs.

BTW: this is the word verification that I had to type in to post this comment. pretty fitting:


Lydia Shahmoon said...

too funny! the dance moves...

kate said...

New favorite thing/person. My last name is Donnelly too, weirdness must run in last names.

Vivian said...

i saw this on videogum the other day and was like 'hmmm i wonder if WL knows about this and can explain...' and sure enough you did!

Anonymous said...


Young Damsel said...

this is really funny!


thehistoryofmyfuture said...

oh.my.lord. he's lost it.

the comments = amazing!

Anonymous said...

yr man made it into the UK news! I saw this in the paper this morning and was pretty excited on your behalf;



Leah said...

bahahaha this is so fantastic omgdieeee

brendan donnelly said...

wanna go to pinkberry? you can pick any 3 toppings of fro-yo you want

Unknown said...

i kind of NEED that criss angel tshirt. I have one of Brendan's dog tees, can you get him to draw a tee of a dog wearing a criss angel tshirt?

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

he never ceases to amaze with his costumes+ingenuity of alone time.

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