help me to help you

hihihiiiii everyone.
time to flee this concrete quicksand for GREEN THINGS and CHEAP BEER.

as of june 4, i will be chillin in portland, oregon for a while, then a little LA action, then a cross country drive, then...? who knows. i just plan to stay away from new york until fall (whaaaaat).

AS I AM NO LONGER GAINFULLY EMPLOYED (my own choice, please join the factions of those think i am insane) i am trying to SELL SOME STUFF.

1. i need cash flow.
2. i own way too much crap.

i will have this site up:


until sunday, may 31.

buy things!
if you aren't feelin a price, email me at the site email and make me an offer i CANNOT REFUSE.

i will keep adding to it, some clothes, more shoes, etc.
maybe you like?

back to packing.
summer heat + 4th floor walkup +small space = die.


Gillybean said...

its coming up permission denied when i click on the link?? is that just me??

White Lightning said...


is it okay now???? it should be!

Riikka Aaltonen said...

Darn my small feet!
Those shoes you're selling are totally amazing.

Isabel said...


Dar said...

why oh why am i a size 9 shoe?

edgecakez said...

amazzzzzzzzzzing! save me a jangle!!!!! x

erin said...

booooooo for my big feet... those red boots are incredible.
also, congratulations on quitting your job! I left mine last fall and people thought I was nuts, but really, big changes in life plans FTW!!

Doug E. said...

Probably the most exciting thing I've wanted to online in a LONG TIME

In-tree-gue said...

grrr if only I had smaller feet!

jessica said...

yee baby shopping !

Jules said...

That was great.hope i have something to buy from you,but i am a boy..lol..=) Good luck..=)

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

InnyVinny said...

So...you're coming my way, eh? Sounds fun. =D

Going to click through your shop now.

Unknown said...

Glad to know that you are selling things now..;D Hope to see more from you,have a nice day.;D

Travel and Living

Pudgie said...

if only i had human feet. and human emotions. and a je-ne-sais-quoi.

microtard said...

How much do you want for ... your old job? I have a talented but frustrated friend at one of those fancy mags with unfancy salaries...

cheek-ie said...

girl! i have tons of boxes at my apt from my move. happy to give them to you! you want?

Netty said...

a couple of things to say:
you are fucking hilarious. and I use the word fucking in the greatest way ever. We share a love for blog full of jelly. Don't you want to just wrap her up and keep her in a box next to your bed stand? no? just me? maybe Im a little more obsessed with her blog than you.


lisa tomiko said...

love your shoes.

hate my feet for being too big to fit in them.

if you post jangles, i'll be all over them.

alexandra grecco said...

awww yay! cute things lady! xx

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