i can't talk about it, i gotta sing about it & make a record

i don't think i can let this go by without comment..it's very early and all these elements combined are making my head hurt:

so..let's break this down:

rivers cuomo in "funky shades" (stop) & weezer (thumbs down post-pinkerton, let's get real) +
t-mobile party performance (eek) +
mgmt cover (hmm?) +
pokerface interlude (mah mah mah mah) =

what in the what?

help me:
is this funny and campy? or just embarrassing?
i can't decide. i can't figure it out.
please see for reference:
ted leo's since u been gone/ maps mashup from a few years ago (which i am a big fan of, ps)

by the way, looking at rivers in those glasses makes me feel the way i did on saturday when my mom asked me what the "strange punctuations" were that people put at the end of their facebook messages. which is to say i just want to close my eyes and put my head down on the table.


niki said...

this makes me feel weird. like when my dad tries to rap with the radio.

di fabulous said...

oh. no.

sadness. no need to cover this song. make eye contact at least, laugh a little. commmmmmmmmme onnnnnnnnn....

Emilie said...

T-Mobile? In the house?
mmmm. No.

microtard said...

you forgot "+ male pattern baldness"

rem said...

I have to break my silence... I've met you a couple o times with ol weezy lou, we talk about candy erasers and shit..I'm also one of yer 10 ka trillion fans.... but that Ted Leo song is a way guilty pleasure of mine... my husband, my best friend and my sort of sister/cousin think it sucks sooo much... but i still love it? why?

Kylie said...

Your right. This one's a brain buster.

Too confused, I really have no verdict. ... Interesting? ok lets leave it was interesting


Iris said...

ohh my. please make it stop?

whyyy are you covering MGMT?
what does pokerface have to do with it?
why is any of this happening?

i'm really confused.
also, rivers' arms at 4:18 are terrifying.

pachuco hands said...

Grandpa I didn't know you could shred!


Christy said...

does white lightning not have the power to stop such obscene things from happening? we need you out there stopping crime like this, WL!

Rachel said...

oh god this is embarrasing. if they'd made the song their own a little bit that'd be one thing.

sad sad sad, rivers wtf?

roberta jane said...

I don't think it's campy - I think they are serious... Very sad. I would rather remember them as they were... I think we can officially use the term "washed up".

Enjoying your blog!

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