i wanna hold 'em like they do in texas pleeeeez. feel me, gaga?

oh hey, guys! didn't see you there.

dirty mirrors, very hot right now

sorry, i'm just kinda DISTRACTED with JOY over this GIANT CRAZY INSANE AMAZING LEATHER HEADBOW that Sunshine made me!
i'm just like, being cool. acting cooler.
i mean...as cool as it is to play dressup in your apartment and photograph it.
you know how i do.

mah mah mah whaaaaa? [BE JELZ GURL, i told you i would best you!!]

EDITOR'S NOTE..christballz, do i have a fucking lazy eye?! SEXXXY! CALL ME, YOU LOVE IT.

i also got a few lovely lil trinkets in the package..dope patches, a heart charm that says SWEET (love it!!!) and a pearl jangle. not pictured: a tiny pin version of the hairbow, i left it at work!

it made my LIFE, trust.

if you guys are not familiar, sunshine is one of my serious bloggirl crushes.
i discovered her on wardrobe remix a year or so ago and have been lurking on her blog, blog full of jelly, for forevs.

1. she is the vintage queen. her clothes, her house, her everything is so covetable and cool.
2. she is totally a kindred spirit..i love what she wears cuz it's always a little off kilter and girlfriend loves a crazy frock just as much as me! (click it, check her out)
3. she MAKES amazing shit too! knits, crochets, paints, sews, etc. renaissance gal. (click it, buy some art!)

some of my favorite sunshine moments (there are so many. i had all of these in a folder. i'm a weirdo):

1. vintage WILMA intargia sweater and a shiny skirt?! stop it.
2. SHE MADE THAT DRESS out like 800 million yarns. SO BEST!

1. polyester minidress amazing whuuuuuut
2. 60s brocade coat as dress and wellies. hearts forever.

thank you thank you thank you, Sunshine.
i love it!!!!

oh ps..the dress i am wearing in the pictures came out of last sunday's thriftacular with the boys..it's amazing, it's caché (hee!), it's waaaay cooler than i am.
this dress deserves to be rocking it out in an underground danceparty at 5 AM surrounded by beauties in 600 shades of black and ripped tights and sick haircuts...which is why it's getting mailed out monday to Zana in berlin who will do it serious justice. i can't wait to see it on her!


fickle red riding hood said...

that wilma knit is the business! I KILL!

laia. said...

fuck girl, you be killin it!

(also the dress looks AMAZING!)

InnyVinny said...

Dopeshow. The bow is killer.

Sunshine said...

thank you so much! if you're ever in philly look me up.. we'll paint the town bonkers

Alice said...

Great bow, guh!


Isabel said...

This post was amazing! I mean, the hair bow! The dress (which looks just as good on you as it would on Zana, whom I adore)! The flickr girl who looks really good in everything! The exclamation marks! You see where I'm going with this...

brendan donnelly said...

bonkerzville pop:1

you need to wear this in portland everyday!!

Leah said...

1. asrghakfhkahsdhBOW WIN.
2. that CACHE (?!!) dress is so sick, it makes me speak in jibberish and cross my eyes.
3. hi yarn dress.

lady ga has nothing on this.

WendyB said...

With a strong wind, I think you could achieve lift-off with that bow. Hold onto something!

Michelle said...

oooOOOoooH I'm really lost for words due to the awesomeness of the bow.

Cruz said...

That bow is pretty amazing!

Anonymous said...

Ha. I came across this while Googling images of lazy eyes cuz I just discovered mine in a digital self-portrait. Congratulations. You wear it well. As for mine, I'm not so sure.

brodie said...

i want to go back in time to May 2009 and slap you in the face at the precise moment you decide to send that dress away! to someone who is not me.... BECOZ WE R SUCH GUD REAL LYF FRIENDZ AS IF I WUDN'T B UR FIRST CHOIZE!

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