if you don't know, now ya know

yesterday afternoon (to night..to breaka breaka dawn..) was the first stress-worry-anxiety-free few hours i have spent in WEEKS.

kat & louise took me on an epic adventure yesterday..i had no idea where we were going at any point, it was all surprises..so best!!

the ladeez room at the university club, no cameras or phones allowed, OOPSYDOOPS.
ps, WHY ARE MY FRIENDS SUCH AMAZONS? pps, why am i such a midge?

wherein we:
had teatime at bergdorf's (so dope!)
shoe shopped on the 5th floor (um, HUGE sale just F Y IIIIIIII)
had a few champagnes at the university club (i am obsessed, kat is a member- BE JEALOUS)
imbibed gallons of flavored vodka (horseradish is AMAZING, TRUST) at the russian vodka room and when ssam bar was closed early (sadface!!)
we hit up crif dogs at closing for hawt dawgs and a neil diamond singalong (ours)

any night where i end up in the street in the early morning yelling juicy lyrics (born sinner, the opposite of a winner) is a great one, no?

ps, the movers should be here within the hour. LET'S DO THIS.


fickle red riding hood said...

the ladies room is one of the best I've ever seen. I miss Bergdorfs

Tavi said...


Keabetswe said...

ooh awesum ladys room.. i want to go to there

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

so much love.
best best!!!!

so much fun.

so serious about gg@uc.

more weird/AMAZING uptown dates to follow!

p.s. tea time more times..indeed.


Narcissistic Youth said...

um alright if i heard you wandering down the street yelling juicy lyrics I would instantly demand to be best friends. then we could sip champagne when we thirstaaaaay

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