it don't cost nothin to just BROWSE

hey white lightning, you just quit yer job in the middle of a major recession, what are you gonna do now?

hmmm...shop online?
JK! (sorta)

but why do i just want to wear tee shirt capes all summer? i think noferatu has inspired me.

free people riding hood convertible top

not sure what goes on here- giant slouchy cape tee that can be a hood and shawl and tank top? sounds GRAND. sign me up.

ksubi batman cape top

this shit is straight up dopeness.
i would stand around like this girl the whole time and maybe run down hallways screaming I WANNA BE AN AIRBORN RANGER.
unfortch for me (fortch for my bank account) i am not the only that thinks so and thing is all sold out. wah wah.


liz said...

dude, if the batman cape top came in neon colors, I'd be all over it. I might have to sew something like that for myself. mmm hmm.

Shay said...

every time I buy something that promises to be convertible in ten different ways I...

a) can't figure it out
b) come to the conclusion that it can only really be worn in two of the suggested ways if I want to move my arms and not look like I'm wearing a toga. Sigh.

Maybe I should try harder?

have you seen the complex geometries T-shirt?

Isabel said...

Duuude, I just starting to get int to drapey garments too. I'm intrigued.

Ash Fox said...

i love the batwing!

Izzy said...

the ksubi batman top is sublime. I'd love it as a dress though. Too bad it's sold out, I can definitely imagine you in it.

broadcast poulet said...

wow apparently we are addicted to the same thing! nosferatu, totally!...
let's flyyy

Anonymous said...


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