it's all happening

mmkayy soo....i guess i should write a big ol' post about this..and i will, in time.
but here is the major part to share for right now..thursday will be my last day at T !
so crazy. i've been here for four years, it's like graduating college or some shiz.

time to roll on...i have some really exciting summer plans coming and i will share it all soon.

today i am packing up my cubicle??? SO WEIRD, DUDES.

tavi's painting of me, our photo editor scott as a young lad, my fave marc jacobs ad, donald from the virgins by mr black

packrat + four years = good grief.

so. many. fucking. magazines.

i am determined to take only 3 boxes home.

a sisley ad that i find amusing, a self-portrait of yayoi kusama from the 60s, general mess

someone at work told me yesterday that i'm a living embodiment of a season finale of felicity.
THAT made me laugh.

ok, back to filling every garbage can on the 6th floor.


Tavi said...

Omg dudez! And it's about a year since you started writing the article about young bloggers, am I right? So weird to think about!

o, HIIIII pretty magazines, hiiii. I will come over to your building and attack all the recycling bins as soon as you've walked off.

Heyhey, you now have the original vers of the painting! Heh.

What's this all about, anyway? HMMMM?? Tell us! Actually, take your time, darling.

No really, tell us. Meep!

laia. said...

if i had thursday off id go stand outside your office with a boombox playing semisonic's closing time.


hahaha, you know, classic

Unknown said...


D: this truly calls for a memorial service.

also i would TOTALLLYYY appreciate it if you could jsut send me all the magazines you probably threw away. yeah thats right, scrounge them up and send em this way. i can just feel their awesomeness just sitting at the bottom of a garbage bin.... a tear escaped my eye, not gonna lie

i love youuu

Sbrilli said...

good luck with everything gurl! I'm kinda stoked to see any pics you take in Portland cuz I lived there for 4 years!! Just try not to get me all misty eyed over here umkay?

InnyVinny said...

Awww ! Good luck, lovie!!!

And LOLz @ Felicity. Damn. Haven't heard that name in a while.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...


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