it's been building up inside of me for oh i don't know how long

i had my first fresh coconut of the year today..there is NOTHINGGGGG better than a sunny day & cocunut.

it's fucking GLORIOUS outside, loverpantses.
let's listen to the beach boys and maybe take a walk with someone you dig?

i am outtie for the weekend, gonna hit up the PENN STATE scene for my cousin's graduation (yaaaay lauren!). i wanna go to a frat party..is that wrong?

***for those of you in the city, PLEASE go to court for louise's big opening! it will be amazing, i am sorry to miss it...

bon weekend, brahs


Lauren said...

yay you're coming! i don't know about a frat but we can definitely hit up THE SCENE hahah see you soon xox

Unknown said...

Love the beach boys, this song is perfect!!

elysia mann said...

ah, i'm gonna be at penn state this weekend for my brother's graduation! how wierd!! i'm starting as a student there this year, too! YAY!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

missed you baaaaaaaad..
seriously. i did.
i adore you beauty.
very thankful.

Hellovalentina said...

oh beach boys,there's something weird about this song.

Iris said...

you are making me sad about the RANDOM COLD SPELL that Toronto is experiencing currently. boo.

But yay for the beach boys.

Jules said...

Love the beach boys.Their song was perfect.i love it.Thanks for sharing.=) Hope to see more from you.=)

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herecomesthesun said...

you're so lucky to be coming into summer! it's turning into winter here (new zealand) and i am icy cold and all rugged up.

Unknown said...

Oh,love this band.Hope to see more from you,have a wonderful day.;D

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petra said...

ooh i wish we had the weather PLUS the coconut!!

wool and misc said...

sweet post. i was just thinking about how the beach boys are thee embodiment of summer fun.

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