jangle tangle

holy hell dudes, i have SO MUCH STUFF. i am on the midst of life purge 09 and i am reallllly trying to MINIMIZE (ebay sellage coming this weekend, watch this SPACE for info...)

i am getting down to the BARE ESSENTIALS of what stays and what goes.
these 2 are on the permanent STAY list 4 life, obviarse (spanish, what?).

FENDI PADLOCK- that shit is bonafide, realdeal holyfield. they gave them away at some party years ago and my friend chris gave me his (as a real friend SHOULD). the key is on yet another jangle somewhere in the abyss.

and this? oh, nothing, just my pot leaf–i ching–yin yang–teenytiny POCKETKNIFE, no bigs.
a few years ago there was an old dude on grand street near dave and brendan's old apartments that sold these for 25 CENTS. no joke. i've got an eagle and a jesus somewhere as well.

i wear this to work and i wonder why they don't take me seriously.


May Kasahara said...

yeah the pocketknife is total WOW.

Pudgie said...

I wanna carve a mean canoe bong now.

InnyVinny said...

you have THE best random shit. really.

Kylie said...

OMG, I want a pocketknife to wear around my neck too! I'll take the eagle one

I saw this and thought of you:
I thought it was hilarz, hope you like it!


mukelarvin said...

"Hmmm let's see... I'm designing a novelty pocket knife. I've got an 'I Ching' on the handle but it's still missing something...."

"How about a pot leaf? People like pot leafs!"

"I think it's pronounced 'leaves' actually but yes, that's a good start. What else?"

"...What else? You mean like on the same knife?"

"Sure. Why not?"

"Well to begin with I was joking about the pot leaf. Are you sure you don't want a more cohesive, thematic design? Maybe a Yin Yang or something. That might go better with the I Ching right?"

"Brilliant. I-Ching-Pot-Leaf-Yin-Yang!"


brendan donnelly said...

i think i lost my weed leaf/ying yang knife!!!!

but i do have a knife that i bought at that place years ago thats the same zise and has a coke spoon and pen in it wtf! genius, get high and write down ideas. and theres a nude lady as the decal

emily said...


captcha is envader. cool!

LDF said...

I just got rid of ten years worth of shit. Like everything. The trick is to not even look at it or consider it. It doesn't do anything for your life and you will never miss it. I'm turning into a hippy!!! No banana clip shame...my hair was always too fine and tangly for those assholes.

edgecakez said...

save me some jangles bo!!!!

Gentle Bean said...

holy shit, a weed pocket knife straight outta my dreams!

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