mini-madoffs & almost engagements

forget an 80s lily spin-off, let's revive the BLOODHOUND GANG (3-2-1 contact? anybody? bueller?) and turn gossip girl into a full on mystery/crime show.

i love when they band together and scooby-doo it!
remems when they had to help serena beat a murder rap?
(maybe the best "i'm chuck bass" moment so far)

blair is velma, serena is the daphne, nate is freddy, dan is shaggy and chuck bass is...chuck bass.

those meddling teens! they always get in the way of all the bad guys!

does blake lively hate having to play such a dumb annyoing character? just wondering.

highlight of the ep:
"i like to be the one doing the entering" ?! CHUCK BASS, ladies and gentlemen. chuck. bass.
so dirty. (i love it, i love it so much)

tiny heartbreaks: chuck looking lovelorn and making miss blair cry, and yet HE LOVES HER! OH WILL THEY EVER BE HAPPY? (this is where you fall back on the divan with your hand to your face and sigh)

what in the what: having your daughter arrested at the russian tea room (twist!)..chic? class act, lily VDW. classssssssy.

hilari-awesome: did anyone catch that on the gossip girl website they flash at the beginning, the headline for spotting georgina sparks at bible rehab was "OMJC" ? haaaaaahahah. ok, GOOD ONE, GG WRITERS! good one. what about omfjc? too far?



Leah said...

you should be getting paid for this.

Aviva said...

Yeah! Where the hay IS Dorota? I hear she's an evil villainous queen from a foreign land who is going to rain down some terror on Ms. Blair and the entire UES. Ceaaaaan't wait.

Matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dawn said...

3-2-1 Contact!!! I'm so glad to know that someone else remembers that show! This subject came up a few months ago and I was beginning to think I had imagined the whole series along with Street Frogs.

di fabulous said...

if i had money, i'd pay you for the majority of your posts.

fyi, georgie was wearing a shirt that also said omjc

microtard said...

Reading this was like listening to the parents talk in Charlie Brown specials. *whoosh*

White Lightning said...

dear ddue that deleted your own comment...why?! solidarity in numbers, i'm old too.

also elizmicrotard....do you secretly hate me?

Unknown said...

Oh my god me my and my friends totally thought of the scooby doo thing too.
My friend Lisa was like "Blair is SO Velma!!!"
Hahaha and yeah the OMJC thing was epic...
great minds think alike i guess!

Anonymous said...

You've seen this, right? Bateman reference made me chuckle:


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

just caught up on gg this morning..what the f is chuck's deal man..i wanna see them make it man.
+lilly, what a strange way to prove a point.
hopefully GG night is back on this week for the flashback ep.

Erina said...

chuck bass = soo epic in every way possible. drooldrooldrool.

also, is everyone else as bored with the humphreys as i am?? also, did you see the previews for next week? why why why is gossip girl going down? sorry for the ultrafangirl blabbing... i got caught up. i <3 your witty commentary about everything.

Anonymous said...


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