my enemies are all too familiar

in 2001 i had a brief obsession with uh..yellow ribbons? like..that you get for horse jumping? yellow = 3rd place, that was the most hilaretarded and amusing. anyways, i used to wear them on jackets and bags and stuff, like a lunatic.

this morning i had an overwhelming urge to wear one on my dress.


dunno who i was today. F21 shirtdress and fauxleather AA leggings- ROLLED UP and marc bonkers penny loafers.
unclear, it felt interesting though.

once i got to work i had to run it by someone i trust:

beep boop boop boop [numbers being dialed]

alex (at his desk on the other side of the floor): ga?
me: gaaaaaagaa. GAGA. um...a rolled up legging?
alex: noticed, love it. dope.
me: gaaa.

aaaanddd SCENE.

full disclosure, in the end i went with a SPANGLE JANGLE from h&m that i made superlong with extra chain. blue ribbon stayed home, too bad so sad.

it was a tough decision, but i am already the weird girl at the office and some days i can't take all the wtf looks.
know what ahm sayin?

happy friday, homeslices.


sarah said...

i think im the weird girl too - my part-time-bossman saw me in street clothes today and through bellowing laughs told me i looked like a waterfall. lesigh

fickle red riding hood said...

i love your necklace!

Anonymous said...

I have a yellow ribbon that says '#1 Animal Lover', so special xxxx

InnyVinny said...

It's a badge to wear with pride...like the one you had on...

And we've come full circle.

... said...

looove the shoes!

-most unusual shoes of 09
-best MET Costume Institute Gala photos

Kylie said...

High fives for being the wierd girl! I love it, work it for all its worth

btw I want a ribbon to wear! I've never won anything to get one, but maybe I can find my "participant" ribbon from my 5th grade science fair.... That's sure to impress


E.K. said...

Well placed use of "homeslice"

Izzy said...

award ribbon AND rolled-up leggings, very cheeky! I love it. And I love your camera too, I've got the same one :)

Isabel said...

I freaking love this! Ribbons, yes! I think my Aunt has a shitload of equestrian ribbons in her barn. I might have to hit that up with a little thievery if ya know what I mean?

Dream Sequins said...

Hi lovely. Love the DIY accessories!

May Kasahara said...

totally down with the rolled up legging.

flower canvas said...

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