ramble on

ohhh hey now! i am the jauntsetter of the week. (thanks dorothy!!)

maybe you care?

you can read about how 'make me a supermodel' reruns kept me sane on a crazy plane, italy made me a caffeine addict and if i don't watch the big lebowski on most flights, i might freak out.

go now!

i basically had to be pulled kicking and screaming to this photoshoot..if it weren't for kat to calm me down and ADF the magical photographer (not to mention the hair and makeup dude who made my nasty hangover face/hair look DECENT)..i woulda stayed home that day.

if you ever need your portrait taken, i highllllyyyyy recommend ADF. he played jay-z, plied me with rose, and acted out scenes from blow up (at my request) to make me feel comfortable. it was almost fun.
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