rollin' old school

still recovering multiple drinks last night with one of my oldest friends, ted aka theodore james aka teddy p.

we became best friends after we sat next to each other in algebra [EDIT: ted says geometry. hmm.oopsydoops] in 10th grade, no big deal.
i think we were the two worst students in the class.

i spent most of high school driving around in his car.

holy fucking nostalgia overload.
how about a picture of us from junior..prom? semi-formal? i have no idea actually.

a few HILARIOUS DETAILS to note:
my dyed black hair (and bjork buns)
lots of rings, def black fingernails.
weird chinese dress - from pearl river, probz
the glamorous cafeteria setting
ted's...spike haircut?

i am sure if i'd been in a different dress i'd be wearing a choker.
god i love a choker. like, a black velvet ribbon? SICK!

this has been a public service announcement for "unfortunately named trends you'd rather forget that i think are actually kinda dope?".

chokers in 09!!

pps: ted's take on WHITE LIGHTNING: "i have no fucking CLUE what the hell you are talking about 90% of the time, lizzie. i seriously can't understand a word."

aww, he still reads it though, how's that for a real friend?


Anonymous said...

Hah, I feel with Ted.. most of the time (well, maybe not most. but a lot) I don't have a clue what you – and my other fashun blogger friends – are saying. Especially when there are names of fabrics and designers and stuff. But I still read 'em! You guys are da bomb.

the argoteer said...


thehistoryofmyfuture said...

jonathan ive was the designer of the iphone, sister. might wanna take that flash prob up with him.

July Stars said...

He secretly understands every single word your write and loves it!!! Hahaha

Isabel said...

Jesus, I love these old pictures of you. It's fascinating to see how everyone has changed!

hard liquor; soft holes said...

oh man, let's do one last crafternoon where we make velvet chokers with ANKHs and YIN YANGS.

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