shock jockz

this may be an epic disaster, but i am gonna pimp it out anyways....

angela "miss manners" barrow has invited bdonns & i (and a bunch of other people) to be on her new radio show tonight. [we are both ready to live out or howard stern aspirations...]

we will be discussing dating (?!) and the horrors of, etc. i guess we will offer advice?
do you really want advice from me and brendan? think about that before you answer.

i have no idea how i sound on the radio but i have a feeling i will be mortified when i listen to it.

keep in mind:
1. i sound like a slightly bored if hyperactive teenager.
2. my laugh is loud and weird.
3. i say like and ummmm a lot.
4. fucking A, why did i agree to this?

ok so:
7 PM, live from roberta's (pizza party? wha?)
i think you can actually call in with...questions? comments?

good grief.

EDIT 1: if you didn't listen live on the internets, our genius is lost forever..archiving it was DENIED for being "too vulgar" !!! fucking a, it was pretty hilarious, i have to say.

EDIT 2: the shirt (cuz i've been asked) is another from my built by wendy archive: beat up bloody boys playing rugby on a rugby tee..LOVE IT!


InnyVinny said...

oooooooooh, this is going to be fun. i'm gonna try and tune in for the last half.

Iris said...

i'd take advice from you... with THAT shirt on! not that I could know over the radio. but still.

Shay said...

have fun!! Sounds like a riot. See if you can post an Mpeg of it or something. :)

E.K. said...

You should have someone count how many times you say "um". That's always a fun game during radio interviews.

Katie said...

You're like Liz Lemon (see tonight's season finale).
"That's a dealbreaker, ladies!"

Isabel said...

I wish I could listen! Dangnabbit. I really like your shirt. It reminds me of hamburglar.

brendan donnelly said...

said in old timey voice...

"ye shant never show a meere ankle and if a plume dippith upon a mans hat down but beyond ye chin, tis he a homosexual."

THE E N T H U S I A S T said...

I hear it was a hoot.

(then again so is everything you do...)

Also heard y'all got shut DOWN?!? How much Stern Steeze did you bring?


Michelle said...

You can't argue with THAT SHIRT! I'll take advice from you any day.

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