a-a-a-t nite

i can't stop with this song. i can't stop.
what is wrong with me? get me to DA CLUB AlREADY.

this week i been rollin around manhattaaaaan in my dad's suv (baller!!) blasting this song and trying not to commit suicide trying to look for parking in the east village during street cleaning. TWIST: THERE IS NO PARKING IN THE EAST VILLAGE DURING STREET CLEANING.

tomorrow morning i fly to portland to start this summer adventure called "what is this 'new york' you speak of? i know not of this."

so until august...stay tuned for the usual whitelightningatude, just on west coast time!


laia. said...


InnyVinny said...

YAY!!! Make sure you squeeze in a trip to L.A. pweese!

Betty said...

Ah! Good luck!

Christy said...

west coast time = best coast time! can't wait to have you on our side.

rose said...

yesssssssss for west coast time!

Anonymous said...

be sure to check out frances may when you are in portland: http://www.francesmay.net/

it's magic

liz said...

I love that bassline.

Hazel said...

now my bedroom really IS a nightclub

Hazel said...

also that alarm noise in the background sounds just like my school fire alarm. AWESOME.

Ash Rose said...

portland oregon? sweet! you will love it here. i live here, been reading your blog for a while, and i know you will dig it.

things to do: voodoo doughnuts, the red light (there's one on hawthorne, go there y'all), and SOCK DREAMS. portland is where sock dreams is located, aka the best place for knee/thigh/over the knee socks everrrr.

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