an american crotchthrob in london

ohh, hi everyone. hi.
i hate not posting everyday, it feels wrong and weird but long days and shitty hotel internet..."high speed" my arse (BRITISH!) make it so hard.

i do want to take this special minute to tell the world that i am in love again.

may i present the object of my affection:

VITO SCHNABEL, welcome to this illustrious and admittedly dubious distinction.

actually no, please, continue.

way. too. handsome.
we saw him last night at the bar at HIX while we had dinner.
i died approx 50 times and then one more time for good measure.


laia. said...

i want to walk too close to his stool in slo-mo again.

never forget.

Unknown said...

i miss your postings...
you always are making me laugh

Unknown said...

was he as delicious as the donut burger?

not keren said...

dude. that KID looks like he is 17. i detect a CRADLE ROBBER

Jenna said...

hahaha cute!
ahh, you're in london! lucky you!
i love your blog :)

check out mine:

moesha said...

he looks like a ten things i hate about you heath ledger. and that's probably the best type of heath ledger

Anonymous said...

Weird, I saw someone on Shoreditch high street yesterday and thought "That chick looks kind of like Elizabeth of "White Lightning" fame", without having any idea you were in London.

Maybe it was.

And maybe I just demonstrated that I spend too much time on the internet, but whatever, I'm cool with it.

Aviva said...

He looks exactly like Stella!

Isabel said...

I hope London is rockin' yer world! And yep, he's pretty good looking. (For a girl. Just kidding, I just like the White Stripes).

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