another sunny day

as soon as i made plans for portland, i emailed miss camille of the childhoodflames and was like GURL GIMME THE INFO..because duh.

not only did she send me an epic list, she offered to take me on a lil walking/streetcar tour of vintage and designer amazingnessssss...i ACCEPTED and on monday we met up and had some fun.

i don't want to ASSUME, but i would say we had the best time when she took me to nordstrom to meet her best friends aka the designer clothing racks:

yeah, $3,000. on CLEARANCE. anyone, anyone? there were TWO left, we were tempted to get the pair (nottttt)

lanvin knit shrugcardigan, so soft, so aamzing, so many dollarssss. sighhhhh. (paging yokoo?)

chanel ankle bags! remember these? inspired by lindsay lohan's ANKLE MONITOR?! ohhh KARL, you card...they were hilarious. if i had a spare 200 (clearance!) i woulda considered it, HANDS FREE IS THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE! yah?

PSA: this dries collection is as A-MA-ZINGGG in person as you would want it to be. the beading/sequinnage is badonkz. this dress looked terrible on me but i still liked wearing it.

camille had a harder time saying byebyeee:

i mean...if you looked like this in this dress mabes you would shed hot salty tears, too. it was the lightest thinnest silk ever with a bajillion beads n sequins at the top. it was SO SICK.

we decided: the tiny gold patch MADE the dress.

and as i have been asked by more than a few: camille is as lovely and sweet and cool in person as you would expect. as she is a tad shyer than me, i talkedtalkedtalked most of the time....(duh, obvs, duh). thanks again, camille!!!

our field trip next week: THE BINS (goodwill outlet...clothes by the pound...holy schiesse)
stay tuned!!!

ps..go read her post about our day, she has realllly good pics of the INSANE jean-paul gaultier vintage 80s bustier (ahem..zana...you need it) we saw and you can see me acting/looking like a total nerd....a million xo's for you, camille


InnyVinny said...

So funnnnnnnnn!!!!!

I've still yet to venture among the designer rackage in Nordie's/Bloomie's for fear of disappointment at my salary and its (in)capabilities.

Isabel said...

Blogger meet-ups are definitely the shiz. Glad to hear you two had a good time. That silver sequin jacket pretty much kills me, though.

Lauren said...

yesssssss. you two are my two fav bloggers, so with your forces combined this post is pretty much the best thing ever...
also, i am loving that sequined chanel jacket.

camille said...

i had the BEST time. so much fun. still totally heartbroken over that dries dress though. sad face.

so psyched about hitting the bins next week. can't wait!

ps. while you're in seattle you should check out impulse/totokaelo. i've never been but they seem to have cool stuff.

Penny Lane said...

hi, i found your blog from camille's blog...so funny, i love it!

i used to live in portland. i don't miss it a lot, living by the sea is so less hectic and people are a bajillion times friendlier here.

anyway, i just thought i'd say 'beware' of the bins simply because the people there are really nasty, as in VERY rude and yes, dirty. Go early because everything gets picked over, and wear gloves! I cut myself on a piece of broken glass once. eww. I used to live in Sellwood so I would go on a random tuesday morning, and it was still swarming with the most vile people. So go expecting anything. The bins in portland are NOTHING compared to the one in salem, that is by FAR the best one. Too many people are way too into scouring thrift stores in the city :(

Anyway, since you'll be out in sellwood anyway, you should try to make it to milwaukie, to the best little thrift store - the salvation army. It was my favorite, it was never picked over and always had the most amazing costume jewelry for so, so cheap. I think it's worth a look, anyway.

hope you're loving p-town :)

Emilie said...

Camille I can entirely understand why you'd be heartbroken over that dress, it's so awesome. Now I really want to hit up Portland.


Ashley said...

The Dries dress is amazing. Looks like you two had a great time. I love the Chanel ankle bags..but maybe a little too reminiscent of LL.


Whitney Gray said...

i am enamored. http://enamored-alifeofindulgence.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

the dries van noten clothes are so beautifuL! i just saw someone recently on the street wearing the black/white graphic checked dress and matching silk scarf...it was SO pretty ^_^

Megan said...

I love the outfit you're wearing.
The Chanel ankle bags are quite a concept.

Unknown said...

hi, I <3 your blog. I just visited Portland for the 1st time, luckily I caught a naked bike run o'3000 and scored some brown suede booties! Anyway, love the ferragamos, I'm currently dawning mine right now :)

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