come lay with me on the ground

when i take a kid cudi break, i am still really obsessed with manners, the new passion pit record.

passion pit / moth's wings

the entire week that i packed up my shiz in new york i listened to this pretty much nonstop. still crushing on this chubby bearded greek, even though their live show i saw a few months ago was pretttty subpar.

ps, i have started drinking beers at 2 PM during the day here.
can't help myself! there's free wifi in the bars!

i prefer to think of it as "local custom" rather than "a problem".


Sunshine said...

dude you'e on vacation. it's not a problem at all. i start at 4 and i'm merely unemployed.

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Just came across your blog and must say I absolutely adore it.
I think you're brilliant and look forward to reading on!

Leah said...

hahaha, local custom. for sure.

Psyched and Such said...

Yeah, drinking at 2p is pretty much a prerequiste for life changing trips to the Northwest. Just make sure it's light beer.

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