daze of aquarius

while i was walking to free wifi cafe of the day this morning (tiny's, tuna melt, nom), i discovered the goodwill on broadway, ooopsyyydoopsss.

my mood ring turned bright white in a flash of light when i found this:

bright green polyester
with navy and white embroiderz?
and a secret slutty zip front (sorry, inappropz?)
i have to cut it or somethin, floor length doesn't work on a midge like me.
maybe it'll be a shirt?

i see my future you guys..it's how i always knew i'd end up..caftans n jangles, mood rings n bangles, young lovers and lots of rugs and a house full of random friends and joni mitchell records and someone probs grows pot in the yard. (but i will have wifi and a flatscreen and meat products. c'mon now)

$6.99. mine.
i hope pdx is ready for this jelly?


InnyVinny said...

I love a good come up. Maybe it can be a minidress? Shirt? Crazy cut out shoulder-thing?

hard liquor; soft holes said...

you look really great in a caftan. you're like a hot mrs. roper.

Emilie said...

Ouch! Love it.

Erin Bradley said...

Best color ever!
Send it to Preen in Tucson today and we will alter it and send it back next day. Perfectly yours for free cause we luv ya.

rachel pitt said...

i'm obsessed with that frock!

Sunshine said...

dude! today i bought shorts from the same era in the same green.. will post later.

you should cut it in half and make a top and a mini-skirt.

Shay said...

that green is crazy, but a really good color on you.

laia. said...

dude, that fits you like a dream!
i vote for minidresss

Isabel said...

Vintage, bright, sexy? This dress is a lot of good things rolled up into one. Make it a minidress!

liz said...

It's perfect. Good job!

Agent Lover said...

I LAB THE GREEN ON YOU! Looks like a sex cult uniform. JEALOUZ! So fucking fly girl.

edgecakez said...

that dress is sick bo. and when we are old and you are mrs. boper it will be perfect cause i will be art teach and we will make pottery together and take ikebana classes, yayyyyy!

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