do it to it

i am not sad to miss out on most anything in new york right this moment (except for some exceptional peeps, you know who you are..)

but THIS does give me a lil twinge:

(i added the heart for extra WHITE LIGHTNING APPROVALZ)

topshop bike club!

from this saturday june 20 until sunday june 27, there is a free BIKE VALET at topshop and FREE TOPSHOP CRUISERS with BASKETS to rent all day until 9 PM..!
i mean? SO DOPE.

there is also a big movie night party thang:

BLOW UP is the only antonioni movie i haven't slept through..it's FASHION, BABY!
a hot brit!
colored tights!

i am posting this because i love you.

go and tell me it was fun (and that you miss me).


Anonymous said...

a bike club and movie screening? topshop needs to make more shops in the US im missing out on all the awesomeness

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. I was handling my New York exile just fine until I saw this. Now I can hear my Metrocard calling to me.

Devon said...

This is so cool! I might have to sneak over to the city now ...


liz said...

Oh my God I just watched that movie a few weeks ago! So inspiring! I never get tired of 60s fashion.

brendan donnelly said...

this is a reason why i'm leaving, but for girls and gays i can see4 the allure.

cant wait to see ya eliz lemmon!
still best line from my friend brian:
"dude those bike messenger kids look like jockeys"

T-Bonz said...

I miss you blind, Isaac.

Anonymous said...

noooo the weather has me basically suicidal! youre not missing too much!

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