flattery is my forte

2 music posts in a row, whatwhat?

kleenex girl wonder
kleen-ex girl wonder
graham smith
has a new record out!

MRS EQUITONE (click dat)
(it's only 6.99. i call that a steal, if you wanna know the TRUTH.)

even before i knew graham I R L (as the kids say) KGW was one of my favorite bands of all time...still is, still good, can't stop won't stop.
(please check out his old records too? they are all so dopeshow. i am partial to final battle, but don't make me choose. or mabes you wanna DL the song julie&barbara, you will like, swearz )

he writes some of the best lyrics i have ever heard, truestoftruefax.

<a href="http://kgw.me/album/mrs-equitone">2 Songs by KGW</a>
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