hold the phone

this tracy feith target dress rules, first of all. it's 2 insane patterns together for no good reason other than to make me DIE.

um...secondly? the bottom half is made out of my thrifted bedsheets.
freals! it's the same exact pattern blown up! the pillowcases look just like that!
what in the WHAT?!!!

was that you in the window, tracy?

related news: I NEED THIS DRESS. it's not online; i hope they have it at some sort of portland-area target?


Ash Fox said...

that's so funny! awesome dress.

lulu said...

I should show you my crazy awesome pink metallic Tracy Feith (non Target) dress. It's awesome. LOOOOVE HIM (secretly... doesn't really go with my steez).

Isabel said...

Haha! Feith be stealin' your inspiration, womannnn!

Are you in Portland right now? Do tell!

Fanny said...

you will have to trek to the 'burbs, but their targets are usually fully stocked because the designer colab lines don't reach frenzy status there.

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