i am not this kind of lady of leisure, but a girl can pretend

catching up with resort, 2010 (sounds jetsons, doesn't it??)

miu miu, resort 2010

kinda cool.
obvs, i live for a knee high laceup situation

this is pretty. hiii.

marc jacobs, resort 2010

i could never wear either of these things, but fashion can just be aspirational, yeah?


alexander wang, resort 2010

this is some busted ass bullshit right here.
dug out of a thrift pile : AWESOMELY HIDZ
hanging in barney's with a probs very high 3 fig pricetag: DUMDUMGROSS

don't do it.


Isabel said...

Oh A. Wang - my feelings are very mixed... As much as I would love to thrift something that weird, you're SO RIGHT about the price tag. Yuck.

wool and misc said...

omfg someone said something bad about our golden boy?????? so refreshing to call fug a fug when you see it. you can't polish a turd.


Artsy Geek said...

Hm, I really like the 2nd outfit with the blue top and skirt. And if you can rock laceup boots then go you! Tehe check out my new boot post ;)!

InnyVinny said...

yeah, that last thing is...umm...hideous...beyone my wildest imagination.

well, not my wildest, but it's pretty bad.

Carissa Duhamel said...

the shoes are my favorite, i don't really like that much floral (marc) because it only looks good when you're standing in front of an entirely white backdrop which doesn't actually ever occur, ever
alexander wang clearly doesn't give a fuck about resort

hard liquor; soft holes said...

i'm all over those boxing boots so long as they're high heels.

Anonymous said...

lol. you're funny.

I didn't think his resort was all that bad. There were some super cute looks in there but yeah this overall getup is just weird and so unlike wang.

Alison Hartford said...

I will not do it! I hope no one does it. Is it time to teach A Wang a lesson - just because he puts it on the runway doesn't mean we have to buy it!


Anonymous said...

oh albaby. we totez have a very torrid affair. he does really dumb things (see bliss lau and sweatverall incidents) and i get very annoyed with him but then i see, whilst facebookcreeping, a friend of a friend wear one of his denim leather jacket hybrids to prom and actual tears of joy and jealousy form in my eyes and then i'm all up in his grill again. UGH.

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