i don't believe in peter pan, frankenstein, or superman

i know what you're thinking.
"oh haaayy white lightnin...damn you CLASSY, GURL" :

uh, yeah, i'm keepin my shit tied down in my bike basket with one of my BELTS (vintage, obvi).
i also cruised by the SEV-ELEVS and got me a big gulp, wanna fight?

they got a lot of bridges in the pdx. i stopped da HUFFY on one and took a pic of another.

it's pretty here. i like it a lot.


laia. said...

im inspired to get a bike this summer! im going to build one!

chris petres said...

everytime someone says big gulp i think of winona ryder!

Ava Darling said...

the belt/bike idea is awesome! i ride my bike to university everyday & have always had a problem with things falling out my basket. problem solved now, so thank you!

Sbrilli said...

aww I miss home :(

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