i kinda want to live there...

newsflash: I LOVED SEATTLE.

i've closed my eyes and my bank account & gone west

the following is true of my brief but amazing visit to this awesome city:

a boy compared my hairdid to joey ramone. stop laughing! fuck, it's kinda true.
i was less than thrilled; he thought he was so funny that the next day he gave me a ramones box set AND a ramones sticker. slightly charming, fully demented.

they have drive through huts that are JUST FOR COFFEE. caffeine addict dreams realized.

the hideout bar felt like good new york vibes and they have a drink called the andy warhol - you get a cosmo and a polaroid of yourself. cmon; that's sorta best, no?

and how could i FORGET? no onlt did i go to mariners game (i have a lil crush on you & yr socks, #53) but i met the supercute KRISTINA who recognized the white lightningness and bought me a beer. hi kristina!!! thank you!


Isabel said...

Hey, the Joey Ramone comment is kinda true! You're cuter though, duh!

lost teeth said...

it's actually called the hideout and is one of the best bars out here. if you come back for another visit let me know and i will make you a map of the best secret thrift spots!

white lightning said...

GAH! thanks, i changed it. i blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol

KristinaK said...

dont forget the lovely seattle-ite that bought you a beer and the mariners game! i die!

Betty said...

haha, yeah it's always better when baseball players wear their socks pulled up

Chels said...

Ha i would actually take that comment as a complement

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