i'm crazy for you, blog

i have missed the hell out of you my darlings and that is truestfax..i hate not blogging on the regs, and i hate that that sentence is really true. (NERD)

check it:
we had a day of free time on saturday!
it was basically devoted to sleeping in and then it took about 400 hours to walk to the tate modern (and about 400 more hours to navigate it. NEGATIVE POINTS FOR FLOW, ENGLISH MUSEUM PLANNER BRAHS.) and it was HUMID and a little bit ICKY but we POWERED THROUGH. all in the name of ART.

there is a ruscha ROOM. dopeness.
the top left is an all time favorite, obvs

the tate is the only museum i have been to that devotes so much space (or any?) to fluxus artwork. as a certified yoko ono lovah/aesthetics nerd, it's pretty exciting.

m/m paris posters..superhuge and pretty fucking cool I R Lz.

there is also a jeff koons room, or did you already know?
it's obscenely reflective, if you were wondering.
i know this blog in the past week has not supported that argument.

things are gonna be back to norms soon enough...
one more day in londontown..and then it's back to bikes and beers and layers in july. (i miss portland!!! i really do...what does that mean?)


Lauren said...

the jeff koons room is my FAV. the tate's so great!

MrAJennings said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MrAJennings said...

i felt weird about sending you a stalky stalk comment.

so i deleted it.

hope you had a good time in the fair city of london, you have been very lucky with our tropical weather!

Isabel said...

I MUST GO to the Tate Modern. I feel compelled. You can have the top left if I can have the 'Dirty Baby'.

Anonymous said...

tate modern, so vast. i never go round it all in one go, but such is the luxury of living londonside...
did you go in the room with the weird surgical porn? I went in there last time (got excited by the note on the door about explicit content) and dear lord did it ming in there...

Leah said...

sigh sigh sigh you have me feeling so nostalgic. miss london so much, but glad you're taking full advantage of any free time!!!

LĂ©andre said...

I like this blog :)

(my new blog photo)


Unknown said...

What! Portland, Oh, I see. Fitting. (My word verification is cryin)

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

so jealz..i wanna jeff koons room in my life.

+i'm sad you like pland so much but happy you are happy beauty.

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