it still soothes you, doesn't it?

surefire way to make me love ANYTHING?...stick anouck in it.

stella mccartney resort 2010

so weird, when *I* attempt to wear giant patternsacks i don't look one tenth as cute, but then again i don't keep blow up tyrannosauri or a cache of white balloons on hand.
gotta try that.

oh wait, i am also not an epic supermodel engaged (married?) to jefferson hack.
hmm. well. okay, got me there.

i still want that grey thing on the left and i want it now. hand it over!


william said...

What is the deal with Jefferson Hack?! He must have a huge dick - he IS Kate Moss's baby's daddy and now he's engaged to a young model. CRAzy.

Isabel said...

Batwing, motherfucker!

Violet said...

she does make this look great id fail miserable in that think but i wouldnt hesitate to buy

Vi from Cali

Kylie said...

Shiznit! These are awesome, if not more than awesome.

I think you could work one. Like, Haaaard. Those are rad and so are you, so I think it's a good fit


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