let's not be nervous, let's just be excited and sexy

according to amazon, a book i bought in august 2008 will ship this week.
i mean, enough already.

juergen teller: marc jacobs advertising 1997-2009

kind of seriously excited about this, is that lame?

think about it, how refreshing is it to flip past all those full bleed full page ads of girls and hair and PRODUCT and then open to the white white marc jacobs spreads with some sort of banonkers (banana bonkers? no?) picture of like, charlotte rampling in bed with juergen teller?

they make me giggle and they make me like advertising.

i can't hear you..speak up please? not sure, i thought you said that unemployed people shouldn't buy expensive photo books.
i must be mistaken, you would never say that to me!


laia. said...

ooh i saw it yesterday when i stopped by the marc store.
ssooo good!

and no, i did not break down and buy the little straw boater hat like i really wanted to.

Amanda said...

i didn't even know about that book! sounds pretty amazing. adding to my wish list on amazon now

Betty said...

Um, so worth whatever you paid for it. As in, it could be like 500 dollars and I would still say so worth it. Also, Laia, you would look so cute in that hat

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