obligatory reality bites reference!

i am in love.
it is neon orange with grey splatter paintz.
it cost me 40 bones.

i am still nervous to ride a bike in major traffic you guys, i get scurrrrrred.
who cares, it's DOPE.
i was like, it's PRETTY, it GLOWS!
jill was like, mmkay let's see if the brakes actually work, you freak.

look, it's so me:


speaking of which:
had some afternoon beers today with mr lucas plant, my most old school of BFFs. (since 7th grade, thankyouverymuch.)



liz said...

that's a sexy bike. nice job.

Tavi said...

if/when/WHEN you come to chicago we can bike around and get ice cream. my bike is bright blue! we'll look like the chicago bears!!

i hope i'm still meeting with friends from 7th grade when i'm older!

hard liquor; soft holes said...

I am so excited to imagine you riding a bike! It will haunt my dreams.


Ava Darling said...

this is one awesome bike! i am so jealous!! mine is old & ugly & i so wish i could have a groovy one like this!
mademoiselle glitter

noirohio vintage said...

hell yeah!

the StReeT chanteuse said...

you match!!! also i wish I didnt move so damn much, then maybe Iwould have the slightest possibility of knowing my 7th grade friends *__*. even if Idid they probz wouldnt be as hardcore as him!

Iris said...

i love that photo of your feet/the bike. legit art. i'm scared of bikes & traffic too, but tempted still. we'll see.

PartyPooped said...

this guy will fulfill a lot of dreams of getting fingered by all of new jersey.

Isabel said...

HAHAHA! Reality Bites is such a great movie.

Congrats on the bike purchase. Cars blow!

Francie. said...

he sure looks happy to see you.. and omg. a bike. i am getting a new one soon too.. cool yo.

Unknown said...

i have a crush on his attitude problem and tattoos. HI NEW JERSEY TATTOO. HI.

T-Bonz said...

Arabelle. All girls have a crush on Luke at SOME point. Its just what happens. And the JERZ tattoo now clinches it. Hug him for me please. My long lost big bro.

T-Bonz said...

OH. OHHH. And NOBODY, but NOBODY can eat 50 eggs.

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