stone gossard ftw

dudes, when is the last time you gave pearl jam's ten a listen?
yesterday / middle school / yr mom's house / never ?

well i am feeling it these days.
duh, i was just in seattle. can't not GET INTO THE GROOVE. it's still kind of DOPE.
little-known and unwanted trivia: 'black' is a sometimes karaoke jam of mine, when i wanna take it ALL THE WAY DOWN. i do a pretty passable vedder; i really do.

ps, i would post the real vid for 'alive' but sony bmg disables all their shit and THAT REALLY BLOWS. EDIT steve is right FUCK YOUTUBE, dailymotion is where it's at!!!!!

sidenote, when i bought this record (at the sam goody in wyckoff, R I P) in 8th grade CDs came in LONGBOXES. for those of you not in the KNOW..CDz used to come in long cardboard box packaging? like they were..a necktie? really bizarre.


Iris said...

when I was a kid there was all this graffiti on the side of the art gallery that said 'pearl jam rox' and I never quite understood what it meant. When I found out pearl jam was a band, the world was suddenly a much less confusing place. haha.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

dailymotion FOREVSSSSS!!

dirtbike said...

never understood the longbox

lisa butterworth said...

oh the nosTALgia!! pearl jam was my first non-parentally chaperoned concert and let me tell you, my flannel + thermal + cut off jean shorts + docs combo was siiiiiiick.

nikki said...

the longboxes were so record stores didn't have to change out the stands from vinyl. the boxes were the same length as LPS. the more you know..... (with a star underneath)

Ana said...

I had the biggest crush on Stone (first name basis!) all throughout high school.

I have fallen back in love.

Anonymous said...

Went to see Pearl Jam two years ago because I knew my 15 year old self would never forgive me if I didn't go. We played a game of "dream set list" before hand and it was all songs from Ten or the Singles soundtrack and figured that would never happen. And then they went and played shit from Ten AND the Singles soundtrack. My 15 year old self died.

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