the sunshine of my life

i mean.

when your outfit credits involve a swarovski encrusted neckbrace, it is safe to say you are operating on your own personal level..next next NEXT levular.

the levz can't be detected with most existing technology (only calculable by kanye, anna piaggi and christmas tree mom. aka my holy trinity)

i would do bad things for those jeremy scott minnie mouse sunglasses.
i would.


pics from anthem mag


InnyVinny said...

DUDE, have you seen "my son is gay?"


And that video...hot damn. Gaga is definitely on her own shit.

the stylist formely known as tricia campbell said...

i especially loved the metal bustier and headpiece that she wore in the vid, but that's also because i've worked with the designer's work!... (finger's crossed it get published).

i can only imagine what it must be like as laddy gaga's stylist, or rihanna's stylist for that matter. you'd need an army of assistants to ensure the heavy rotation of fly gear is never at a standstill.

Hanna Hanra said...

you know that nicola formachetti styles her

Isabel said...

NECK BRACE. That is intense.

LDF said...

That makeout scene is icky. Icky.

Beth Ruby said...

You gotta love her crazy ways...

Holly said...

love the gags (pronouced gaHgs, ya know, not GAG)

Anonymous said...

paparazzi video is epic. that is all. literally, that is all i can say about it. gaga's awesomness actually renders me speechless AWLL DA TIME.

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