that's what i'm talkin about

patterns patterns patternssssssss!!!!

christopher kane / prada / erdem
resort 2010

even though i feel like i am not PRETTY enough for resort "OH TEN" (as i am calling it)...i am still psyched on all the prints and patterns and clashy and crazy.

btw, i want to take scissors to an old tee and make something like the top of that c.kane dress...crafternoonz?
i mean...what else do i have to do tomorrow (spolier alert: NOTHING).


WendyB said...

I like the Kane stuff.

InnyVinny said...

sounds like a crafternoon to me =D

Isabel said...

Haha, crafternoon. Excellent. DIY or die?

Leah said...

ooo i like the erdem lots o lots

Iris said...

OH TEN. best thing ever. let's see them crafts!

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