think it don't drink it

i think my favorite vintage hunting so far in portland has been at the house of vintage on hawthorne. it's an enormous rambling collection of rooms full of stuff from different vendors..there is TONS of stuff. clothes and housethings.

it's where i got the ferragamos..the silk dress..canvas bag...and THIS HERE DRESS:

i look terrible today. all apologies.

i do not think that it is possible to accurately CAPTURE the PINKNESS of this polyester cuckoofest.
IT'S UNREAL. i love it so so so so much. it was like, $10.

one thing though...i had it hemmed a leeeetle too short.
i call this length "not without tights" or on a ballsier day "fuck it".


tomorrow i head to london. home of vince noir, mark ronson & chuck bass.
soon i can tell ya what is happening over there, but suffice to say i will be busy..i hope i can update the bloggyblog often but it might be spotty. back in the US on july 1!!


Unknown said...

Please tell Bollo that I love him!

Leah said...

have funnnn!!! fav city in the world.

Sailor Jamee said...

your vocabulary and word choice is super refreshing.
thanks for not being normal.

InnyVinny said...

Have a great time, luvah!

And yes...that is incredibly pink...a "fuck it" pink, if you will. Go without tights. It's hot enough.


Sunshine said...


also are you going to london w who i think youre going to london with ? you lucky girls!!


the chupacabra for me to post this comment is 'frellify' which i will now be using regularly in converation.

Unknown said...


HiFashion said...

That dress is so pretty! You actually hemmed it yourself? That's amazing, I really need to learn how to sew properly. I can hem by hand (no idea how to use a machine) but it never comes out neatly and evenly! Maybe I should take a course...

liz said...

Oh man that dress is great. I actually like the shorty-shortness. And that color!

Lauren said...

yayyyy! london is my fav. have fun! pretty much all of the museums are free which is super rad.

hlb said...

you're coming to london! so good! your blog is my number one for reeeeelzzzz. i live in london and i am a photographer. it would be swell to take some photographs of you whilst you're over here.
i can also take you to some sweet not-swarming-in-tourism shopping spots!!!!

here is my toggers website/blog if you want to checkitowt:


i hope to hear from you!!

Hayley x

Psyched and Such said...

Have fun, party safe! call me every 5 minutes if you get near the bay on the way back.

Jules said...

Oh my London..=D Hope to see more post here. Enjoy London.=D
Btw, love your dress. So chic.=D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Kylie said...

I just saw over on style rookie that your coming over, Niiiiiice!! I'm in London at the mo' as well. I think we should go and stalk out Noel Fielding together, no? It shall be done, it needs to be done.

That dress made me gasp, how amazing is it!! The hem is perfect, booty-revealing and all. You look hot girl!!


Isabel said...

Hooorah for London! That dress is killer. And I kind of want to have sex with Vince Noir. Maybe do it for me?

Mimi said...

super cute dress but i'd prefer it in white

laia. said...

i think you should geet it covered in silver mirrors

Nicci St. Bruce said...

you're funny : ) I LOVE YOUR PINK DRESS!

aditya said...

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