all things go

spotted on new bond street, london england, my new dope ride:

CHANEL MINIVAN! i need this for my cross country trip, STAT.

i mean seriously, if you can get a fucking chanel SEGWAY, why doesn't krazy karl do cars?
let angelina jolie cart her rainbow baby army around in a soccer mom van with real JE NE SAIS QUOI.


tori courtice said...

just when you thought you've seen it all.
love your blog and your way of speech.


superjuicychicken said...

ive been seeing these vans popping out here and there around me. and i always want to see the inside because i want to know what mercedes have done for the inside since they are so badly ugly and yet mysterious.. i want one in yellow or orange and have it stuffed with all my superjuicychicken. better yet, have a man in a superjuicychicken suit o drive me around. just because.

and oh yes..

helloELIZABETH. my first post to you. ever.


Sara Bara said...

a must for the season! there probably is one in the work - it can probably fly too.


July Stars said...

Yo, I still can't believe you came to London at the last minute and I was in France ... Have you ever heard of organizing and planning? Mmmmm? I'm still upset... Better send me a present pronto to lift my sad WL spirits up!

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