bring it on, dingdong

getting ready to get on the road again.
LA has been such a good time, i haven't had this much fun out here...ever?

mini licenses, new nameplate jangle

me n kat, her necklace looks dopeshow.
i bought a HAT? at the farmer's market?
that is totally for moms?
i never wear hats, but this thing was so blossom/six hilarawesome i had to get it.
plus brendan said "get it ES, you look pretty" aaaaaand ya know. who can resist that shit?

fucking A, this made my life.
in my spare time i am a BADASS.

tell me whatcha think about THAT..YEEEEAH.
sooooo READY to RO(adtrip)LL.


Anonymous said...


Scorpios 4 eva

InnyVinny said...


How did you like Farmer's Market? I hope you went to Canter's afterward...

Katie said...

Elizabeth! So sorry that we didn't get to meet up while you were here but I'm glad to see that you had such a good time with yr pals. Next time for sure...

Scorpio = me too.

Sunny said...

those rings are epic

Violet said...

cool necklace... i had a corny joke but typin it really sounded like the dumbest thing lol

Vi from Cali

Eleanor said...

coooool rings. I want them but crabs.

briggs bagge said...

i have the same ring!!! i love it!

i got mine in LA too! are yours from a bead store downtown???

Unknown said...

love love love all of itttt.

Andrew De Francesco said...

look at those hot ladies!

I miss you both.


Betty said...

ooo you look so good in that hat!

rem said...

Wait 2 scorpion rings? For a second i thought you were doing that photo booth mirror thing... but then... that dress with the checkerboard crazy orange pattern... I'm dazzled.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i just texted kat my burrito quest list+the two best thrift shops+best rooftop prickly pear marg in santa fe.

so wishing i was with y'all..but i am relying on you to ingest as much green chile as you can while in new mex.

love you loads+drive safely back to us!!


p.s. dreamcatchers are needed in these parts..so if you see some-i'll get y'all back for'em. cheers hotstuff.

Isabel said...

I loooove tacky souvenir stuff, like that license plate necklace. Those scorpions definitely enhance your inner badass, too.

Martin Cooper said...

I like this phrase :)

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