the desert was hot, but i survived

somewhere in arizona, on our way to santa fe

yes it is.

bigass dreamcatcher

kinda creepy

pretty sure no one has driven this car since like, the reagan administration.

more pics (and a dopeass jam, in honor of aviva) on the tumblr...


b said...

Where did you guys drive through in Arizona?

You may have zoomed by my (total stalker much?) house, since it is on big desert.

laia. said...

this looks awesome!

amanDAT. said...

Haha, I like the bigass dream catcher.

Mom Fashion World said...

what a cool photos esp #1!


noirohio vintage said...

that huge dreamcatcher is f-ing amazing!!!

Aviva said...

I'm DYINNNGGG on that giant dream catcher Esther! ESTUH I'M TZYING!!! TZZYYIIINNNNNGGGG!!!

(come back to my house now please thank you)

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