"everything is permissible as long as it's fantastic"

on the long list of MUST GET SOMEHOWs:

carlo mollino: architect, furniture designer, druggie, aviator, lunatic, erotic instant photography enthusiast

first edition carlo mollino books, specifically Polaroid.

signore mollino was a man of man interests and talents but his pervytown polaroids of mostly naked ladies in his home, some lounging on furniture of his own design, are what really capture my attention. obvs they are sorta porno, but i dont look at them as a sexual thing; they are so oddly compelling to me aside from the shock factor..

this post is a tad NSFW, i suppose. doooops.

italian bombshell booties with tanlines and 60s undewear! NO. BRAINER.

so who wants to buy this for me? it can run up to a cool 650 bones but it is AWESOME and i will love you forever! anyone?........anyone?


Jessica said...

I LOVE these. Just look at those wonderful waistlines!

Tracey Reinberg said...

I've got a copy of the Arena Editions book in "near fine" condition that I'd sell to you for $350. Or 255.773166 Euros, whichever you'd prefer. Just sayin'. You can contact me at treinberg@earthlink.com if you're interested. Thanks.
Nice blog. Makes me wish I'd stuck with that band when I was a young thing.

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